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Control From Miles Away: Are Remote ATC Towers The Future?

Air Traffic Control has changed very little since the Second World War. The industry is acutely aware of the need to modernize and rethink the way in which air traffic management takes place. One solution is the remote airport control tower, a concept that is already working in several airports around Europe. Is the airport of the future set to say goodbye to people in glass towers?

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Yes, this is better

This is a good idea in my opinion. I’ve seen videos an it shows where the flights were on the screen so you don’t have to remember the names etc. Traditional towers are old and a waste of time /space now.

Here is the video.

When it comes to computers and innovation, I’m all for modernising everything as long as it doesn’t get too “modernised”. What I mean is that there will always need to be supervision and maintenance on things and I always have that thought that the people running everything might be taking it too “easy”.

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While I think it’s a decent possibility, there are also plenty of potential issues that would need to be sorted out first