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Could AI Soon Be Responsible For Flight Planning? Alaska Thinks So

Seattle-based Alaska Airlines continues to trial artificial intelligence tools to better map flight paths, increase on-time performance, and reduce fuel burn. One of the stars of Alaska’s AI armory is piloting software Flyways created by Airspace Intelligence.

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I could see this becoming a thing with all the airlines, an AI could easily do the bulk of the flight planning, and then looked over by a human. I see no reason to not let this happen as long as they all get looked over by the dispatcher and the pilots of the flight.


“Alexa, create a flight plan to Sydney”

“Creating a flight plan to Sydney, South Africa”

“wait alEXA NO

Haha, I think it would be more like Alexa plan a flight from BOS to DCA. But in all seriousness it won’t be through Alexa, more than likely it will be Alaskan’s own privately developed AI

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Alexa create IFR flight plan from Manchester to Keflavik.

Well then don’t let someone with a Scottish or Irish accent plan the flight lmao