Could Qatar Airways Turn Its Back On Airbus?

Just under a week after saying the Airbus A380 was his airline’s biggest mistake, reports have surfaced suggesting that Qatar Airways CEO, Akbar Al Baker, has more issues with Airbus. Al Baker confirmed an outstanding issue with the manufacturer, which might cause the airline to refuse delivery of its incoming aircraft.

Source: Simple Flying

Image Source : Simple Flying


I think its just a sulky CEO who needs to stand outside the door for a few minutes and calm down.

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Yeah. Probably @PlanesAndGames is secretly the Qatar CEO haha

I’m in the mood for bad jokes

Guess why we’re planning on taking on 727s and 737-200s

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that’s a big boi bruh moment

He wouldn’t completely turn his back on Airbus though since Al Baker said he is still interested in the A350F

Go and find a 10 year old 727 and 737-200 haha

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That’s old news, we’re updating our fleet strategy to have a fleet over 30 years old :wink:

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It better not, I think the Qatar livery looks better on Airbus than Boeing

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777 has joined the chat

Very true, I agree