Crossing the... Australian Channel?

Today I decided to take on my first full in beta flight! With my fps up to 60 I was ready for a blast! The cirrus clouds looked beautiful on the flight from YSSY - NZQN. The 3D buildings really made it feel like I wasn’t flying in IF, but rather X Plane 10 Mobile! Enjoy these photos below!

All photos are my own.


Thanks for sharing! I like the first picture best. :heart_eyes:


Yeah. Twas the night before Wednesday

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i just photobombed in IF

btw here is my side

(yeah vehicles just disappeared idk why)


That’s awesome, ngl I didn’t realize it was IF at first lol.

Not to sound rude or anything but the quality of the photos isn’t that great. It just looks very pixelated. I’d suggest editing the photos to make them better next time.

I can’t edit :crazy_face:

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me neither