Crusin for a bruisin

Today’s flight features @oklahomaaviation we did a nice sunset flight from Phoenix to San Francisco on Southwest! Great sky with broken clouds at 20,000! Check out the parallel landing!!
Gettin those Evergreen hours! 🤌😋


Transfarency at its finest! Had fun flying with ya breda, let’s do it again soon.

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Great shots Leo! Thanks for sharing. My favourites are the parallel landing shot and those parked at SFO. Such a beauty of an airport, especially more recently with the 3D buildings! :heart_eyes: Looks like you had a great flight! :+1:

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Yes it was a great flight! Thank you :blush:

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Why is it called “Cruising for a bruisin” I mean this isn’t United airlines lol.

Shots fired please arrest this man.

@CaptainLeo1 :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

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United is the best airline ever. There is no question about that. I have never heard such a preposterous statement.


Lol I just have never had a good experience with United.

Everyone has different experiences, but if you ever fly out of SFO you will always have a great crew I can promise you that :wink:

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I flew out of SFO the crew was allright.

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