Custom Halloween Titles 🎃

Hey Everyone,

It’s Spooky Season!

We have just released our Halloween themes. Make sure to check them out here:

Feedback is always appreciated!

Custom Titles

As mentioned in the theme announcement, we’re giving you the opportunity to gain a custom Halloween / Spooky themed title! These custom titles will be visible underneath your username (much like Moderator, Staff etc). Everyone may request a custom title, however please see the rules below:

  • All requests must be appropriate - no inappropriate submissions.
  • Titles should be Halloween / Spooky themed where possible - be creative!
  • You should only request x1 title to avoid our moderators having to change these every time. We do understand you may change your mind and wish a different title. We will do this in some cases as long as it’s not a habit.
  • We can merge to your existing title (if owned) if you prefer e.g.
    Spooky Ghost | Regular
  • We reserve the right to revoke titles anytime.

Requests will close on 2021-10-30T23:00:00Z (Halloween) and all titles will be revoked around 2021-11-02T00:00:00Z.

If you would like a custom title, please reply below and make it clear which you want added. This is the only place in which you should be requesting custom titles. If you have any existing titles, please also let us know if you wish this new one to replace or merge. Titles will be added when we are free, please avoid spamming us to add. There may be a short wait, however we’ll get to all eventually.

Get your requests in now and Happy Halloween!


Proper groovy music haha. Get your requests in guys! :rocket:

Hmm. Was thinking of putting up a pumpkin as my avatar when October comes, so maybe something around that. Don’t actually have one in mind though, so I’m up for a surprise pumpkin title if anyone has any good ones!

If not I’ll get one soon hehe

I like the title spider man

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Following up on this, is Resident Pumpkin okay? Simple, but pumpkins are the best thing about Halloween, so who doesn’t want one?

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This has now been added. If you want it just the Spider Man without Regular, please let us know.

Yes, we can add this. You will have a long title unless we change it slightly haha.

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Yeah remove event team, as it seems less important.

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Can I have Spooky Texan?

Sure thing :wink:

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just add spooky to the start of kangaroo

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You got it! :jack_o_lantern: :broom:

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I’ll take “Moderator.”
I Pulled a Sneaky on Ya | Know Your Meme


I can do ya one better and settle on pumkinator?

Good with me!

Can I get a role called “Canadian’s sleep paralysis demon” or just spoopy if not the other one lol

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Congratulations you now have that title


I love it I can now haunt @Canadian_Aviator :D.


I- I- I- have no words.


You hate more now don’t you :rofl: ?

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