Daily IF Screenshot

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Route: SKRG → SMVI
Server: Training

:mango: T.R.O.P.I.C.A.L - M.A.N.G.O :mango:

Happy Sunday pilots! Where are you heading to end off your weekend?

Also…… Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:


Never flown this livery on IF. The 4th and 5th pictures are my favourite! Happy Halloween to you as well :ghost:

Love this livery! Especially the comic sans :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Great pictures!

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Ah yes I see what you mean now. :smiley:

I remember it being pointed out in a Noel Philips video I think, maybe not him but some video like that. Was strange to see it used outside of school haha

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There is a good reason as to why it’s used in classrooms. Anyways, seems odd to sticks that on the side on a plane. Just looks off doesn’t it?

Yeah. Looks cheap, especially compared to the amazing logo and work that went into every other aspect if the livery.

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Exactly what I’m thinking.

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Oh, the flymango.com. I only noticed it after you pointed it out. :joy:

@aviatorlewis those are some lovely pictures!

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