December 2021 Trivia Competition!

December 2021 Trivia Games!

To have some extra fun here on the forum, I decided to create an aviation related trivia tournament. I’ll begin by explaining how everything will work.

  • A question will be posted everyday until the end of the December (excluding weekends). Each question will have 4 multiple choice options available for you to select, and each correct answer is worth 2 points.


  • Googling or researching obviously isn’t allowed as it takes fun away from the challenge
  • Making fun of others who don’t get the answer correct will be reported to the safeguarding team.
  • All forum rules and terms of service still apply, you can view the terms here.



To sign up, please let us know by sending a reply here. The first post will begin tomorrow, December 18th.


Sign me up please! :flight_departure:

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Add me to the list too!

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You guys are signed up! The first questions will be posted shortly.

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Question #1 (December 18)

Which airline has highest crash rate on the list?

  • Air New Zealand
  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines

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Sign me up please!

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Your on the list now!

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Thank you so much!


Can you guys mention all who voted for American? I can’t see them :face_with_monocle:

Check your DM! :slight_smile:


Congratulations, it seems everybody got this one correct! Here’s the current scores, and the next question will be posted shortly.

  1. @Ondrej +2
  2. @Maverick +2
  3. @CaptainLeo1 +2
  4. @Kineheber +2
  5. @Zhopkins +2
  6. @infiniteflight_pilot +2

I just saw other people chose that one option so I have to choose it. Tbh, I actually don’t know the answer so for some questions, I just see what other people choose

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Probably a good idea to make it so that voters can only see results once the poll has been closed.

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I probably would have still choose the same thing. And also make it so that once you submit your vote, you can’t go back and change your vote

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Not sure if you can do that.

Question #2 is out, let’s try using google forms and see how it goes.


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Just submitted my entry!

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Thanks! Results will be out tomorrow before the next question.

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So I just figured out that I didn’t make a answer box for your names. I’ve temporarily enabled editing responses so please go back and add your names :slight_smile:



I knew the answer to this question, didn’t cheat.