Delta Air Lines Has A Problem: The Boeing 767

Delta Air Lines has a problem, and it is called the Boeing 767. There is nothing wrong with the planes, but, instead, Delta has a problem when it comes to retiring the 767s. While it has set out plans to wave goodbye to the jets over the next few years, it does not have a clear replacement for the aircraft yet.

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They will probably replace what routes they can with the A339 and cut the rest. It’ll be interesting to see if DL orders A338s…or even 787s?


Do you think they would order the B77X? I don’t know much about it but I heard someone mention that possibility.

I don’t think they would, especially since they retired the 777 last year. They’d probably order more A359s

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you only wave goodbye to aircrafts when you have its successor or replacement ready, that is called plan

I think they had them on order before

I doubt that they will order 787s. I think they are trying to do more of an airbus fleet

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The best replacement would be what the Boeing NMA (797) has to offer

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