Delta B757 makes emergency landing after engine failure

Yesterday a Delta B757 departing from KATL headed for KSEA was flying over the Midwest when one of the Prat and Whitney engines on the B757 failed. The pilots managed to land safely at KSLC with 128 passengers safely on the ground with no injuries. The left engine was the one at fault, left badly damaged it was still intact upon landing. This is the third time this week that a Prat and Whitney engine has failed during a flight.

Read more about it here:

Oh goody! a #rwa topic that hasn’t been created by @AviatorsWorldwide. Thanks for posting! This isn’t very good for Delta airlines especially in these times where they are not getting much money. I can’t see the article because of some GDPR thing apparently but I’m glad nobody was hurt!


Yea Prat and Whitney has been having some engine problems over the past week and years.

I heard about that. I I’m not a fan of PW engines. I prefer CFM

Ground all aircraft with Prat and Whitney engines

I wouldn’t say something so dramatic, but since the airlines have a ton of grounded aircraft regardless, I think they could sub PW4000-powered planes out for inspection for a little bit… although putting parked planes back into service is probably way too expensive for that

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What has happened this week with p&w they’ve been around for quite a while and they choose this week to fail.

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Seems very strange for this to happen at the same time

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