Delta's CEO Calls For Unruly Passenger No-Fly List

Ed Bastian, Delta Air Lines CEO, believes creating an unruly passenger no-fly list among all carriers could prevent future incidents and create a precedent of the consequences of not complying with onboard rules. The airline is advocating to place disruptive passengers on a national ban. Let’s investigate further.

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Aka non-maskers lol

I think the people who are kicking off and physically assaulting staff should be put on that list not people who don’t want to wear a mask for example. Although this is not a difficult rule to follow it isn’t on the same level as harming people. I don’t like the idea of placing different levels of disruption under the same ‘name’

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The things that people have come up with is crazy.

Airlines have the right to deny a passenger service for any reason, such as not wearing a mask. It isn’t anything new

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Of course, but what this guy is saying that he wants it to be a no fly list for every airline.