Dirty roll on takeoff in FSX

Hey all, I just want to show you here’s me practicing the dirty roll on takeoff in FSX


I’m no expert but that looked pretty smooth to me! :heart_eyes:

I gear up before I can do the roll which in reality, you gear up while you do the roll

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It isn’t quite as smooth as you think especially with the roll so still need to work on that

looked good enough but whatever you say. It definitely wouldn’t look like that if I tried lol

Yea that looked pretty darn clean to me!!! Great sounds too! :yum:

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Ooh yes now let’s see you do this in person :wink:

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In person? I’m not a real pilot, lmao

Yeah that’s sort of the point lol

So what’s the point?

It would just be cool to see how it compares to doing it in real life

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This is way better imo

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