East or West SFO is the best!

Howdy Aviators!

Today’s flight takes us from Huston to San Francisco !
United Airlines!
Afternoon dep >> Sunset arrival :yum:

Let me know which one you guys like the best! Also if you ever want to fly shoot me a pm!

I am aware there is 11 pictures.


I like the 7th picture!

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Great shots Leo! The third, fourth and seventh are the ones I like best. Hope you enjoyed the flight in the good old 752. SFO is probably my new favourite airport haha!

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:ok_hand: Thx!

Thank you! It was a good flight, pretty Rocky coming out of Texas but after that it was smooth sailing!

:eyes: :partying_face::partying_face: Well ain that something! :yum:

@oklahomaaviation how was your flight out of DAL?

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Very nice. Had great winds, made it to Nashville in 1hr 10min.

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I would say good photos but it’s SFO :unamused: (jk!). Great photos I like them!

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Lol all g. Thanks man! Let’s fly soon! :wink:

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