Emissions decrease in Europe by 34% if other airlines followed Wizz Air's fleet structure

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In Europe CO2 emissions would decrease by 34% if every airlines fleet was as young as Wizz air’s.

I think that is really cool and more airlines replace their current fleet for more modern aircraft as in the long run it would be a better passenger experience and greener for the environment etc.

@PlanesAndGames here is a question for you. Would Wizz be a very efficient airline if they used Boeing lol? :upside_down_face:

The more seats you have on the aircraft the more people you can carry and with a young and efficient fleet this has an impact on decreasing CO2 emissions. If you have less seats you need to fly more aircraft. This means more profit and you can boast how green you are. What more does an airline want?!

Other airlines such as easyJet also have a young fleet that is 6.9 years old (2019 figure) this also means they are ahead of the game.

Do you think airlines should replace their fleets for modern aircraft? (preferably Airbus :crazy_face:)


Yes if they used MAX 10s instead of A321neos

The thing is the MAX-10 can’t fly the longer routes that the A321N can in the case of Wizz


Yes and no. I love the sleek, brand new and ultra-efficient A320neo family and A350, but I love older ones like the A340 equally. Though the former is better for the environment. (Still it’s hard not to miss the A340…)


Good point I’d miss seeing some aircraft to but got to make sacrifices for the better apparently


The MAX 10 can fly up to 3300nm, give me a few routes where the A21N is required