Exploring Northern Ireland

Hello AWW!

I recently downloaded Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and did some VFR flying (well tried to). I decided to explore Northern Ireland and check out everything it has to offer on the simulator. I was truly amazed!

The fields outside Ballymena, with Slemish, the dwarf mountain in the distance.

Low(ish) pass over Slemish.

A very distorted Giant’s Causeway.

Portrush, a seaside town on the North Coast.

Flying over the sea admiring the blue waves.

Flying over the park near my house.

Approaching the City of Derry Airport (EGAE).

A very cool, awesome, amazing stunt at Goliath, one of the 2 Harland and Wolf cranes that belong to the shipyard that built the Titanic!

Admiring Titanic Belfast from the rippling waters of the Belfast Dock.

I hope you all enjoyed these photos! This was my first proper set of flights I’ve done so I wanted to share my first flights and thoughts on the simulator here. MSFS 2020 is an absolutely stunning sim and the graphics are undeniably the best ever! (As you can tell from my unedited photos above). The detail on ever airports is amazing and I can’t wait to fly to more places around Ireland and everywhere else of course!

All photos are my own. If you would like to use any of these photos, please pm me directly. Thanks!


Oh wow these are amazing! Was downloading MFS worth the wait? :wink:


Oh it was indeed!


I’d love to fly on this rn!! Especially the Sea plane !! There is a Seaplane port near my house so I’d fly there in the Sim! At some point I got to get this! Great shots 🤌


Thanks! Definitely worth it!


These are really great shots! Love the Titanic Belfast one. Still can’t believe this sim is finally on Xbox! I’m glad to be part of the MSFS community now. Looking forward to more of your flight shots! :smiley:

100% worth it!


Thanks! Got some lined up for another topic.


Can’t wait for them! :wink: maybe we should fly sometime.

I mean it does make it better if you are a mod lol

The Giants Causeway pic :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that one is my favorite

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Love the 6th, 9th and the last pic, those are great. Thanks for sharing! :star_struck::star_struck:

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Thanks for the kind words!


Amazing, as always. MSFS never fails to impress!


I agree, but in terms of scenery, I prefer x-plane

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I would’ve said in terms of realism but there you go lol

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MSFS is far better than X-Plane in terms of graphics/scenery IMO.

This would be an ideal conversation starter for #debating :wink: