Extinction Rebellion: Paralympian James Brown guilty over plane stunt

They’ve got a point but again doing it the wrong way.

Glued his right hand to the aircraft and wedged his phone into the aircraft door so it wouldn’t close. :man_shrugging:t2:

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excuse me what?

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Well those people are seriously only targeting aviation when manufacturers are coming up with ultra efficient planes but the biggest polluters, factories, often did nothing to help the environment

This is ridiculous to say the least

And if you want to protest do it peacefully, not destructively

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They should be going after ships


Now look at aircraft. This doesn’t happen unless you are a 707 lol


or a concorde. idk how the overture will turn out.

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Who cares. Concorde is too cool :joy:

environmentalists? isn’t this what we’re talking about?

They say this will be a ‘greener’ aircraft

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Just look at an A350 and compare it to that

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Exactly. Stop targeting aircraft.

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Especially when such a large aircraft like A330neo, A350 can burn well under 6000kg of fuel per hour. That is, considering the weight of the planes.