FAA’s New Software Could Reduce Taxi Wait Times And Delays

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced that it has completed research and testing on software to reduce taxi delays. The software is designed to optimize airport operations and allow planes to push back from the gate, taxi to the runway, and take off without delay.

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I think if this proves to be more efficient when but into play at wide scale then it should definitely be spread across more airports. Think about not having to sit on the ground at Ewr for hours :raised_hands: cc.@Kineheber .

Also environmentally that is huge. Fossil fuels are the highest exhaustible resource so anyway we can cut down on our atmospheric emissions is great imo! It takes so much for fossil fuels to build but we are pushing that maximum sustainable yield way too quickly so anything that will help!
Also 15 minutes may not seem like that much but that’s just the start think about the long term benefit as they will improve it more and more…

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Yeah, it’s definitely good