FAA Wants Airlines To Inspect Boeing 777s For Rivet Issues

*Article updated with a statement from Boeing at 07:40 UTC*

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently proposed an airworthiness directive (AD) regarding Boeing’s popular 777 family. Specifically, the government body wants the AD to result in 777 operators inspecting their triple-sevens for damage to their rivets. The proposal comes after a report found that certain 777s were missing their heads.

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Boeing are having it hard recently eek

@hi15td doesn’t this remind you of this?

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Yes they are. Not a great time to be having a hard time :frowning:


sHoUlD hAvE cHoSeN aIrBuS iNsTeAd

-toxic kid, 2021


Nope, I would still chose Boeing, I like to have more control of my plane thank you

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lol i agree… A350 looks good but i dont fly a computer.

Boeing all the way!

*I don’t fly new planes

No offense People who say “All airbuses are computers” usually fail to remember that the 787 and 737MAX have computerized cockpits as well:



If you want to discriminate against planes with huge screens in their flight decks, make sure you do it against Embraer, Bombardier, etc



Or just against newer planes, since computerized cockpits seem to be the trend.

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It does add safety etc.

Yes, I like modern glass cockpits, I just feel like I have more control of a Boeing airplane

Nice rant @Kineheber