FAA wants alcohol sales to stop

Because of unruly passengers the FAA wants airports to just stop selling alcohol. What do we think, will it decrease the number of drunk / aggressive unruly passengers onboard aircraft?


I don’t drink, but I also don’t really care, maybe more of a limit at 1/2 per trip


That might work well and they meet in the middle.


I think if airports stop, airlines would have to stop. Personally, I don’t see the need for alcoholic beverages at an airport and if a passenger has drank a little too much before entering the airport, then staff will know before they are airside. I think it’s a good idea to stop selling alcohol or to limit sales.


Yea I agree… you can’t just have one and not the other.

But also that seems pretty complicated… a lot of these sit down restaurants in airports make their money off alcohol.
I think it should be okay in an airport but it should not be served on an aircraft or their should be a limit on board the aircraft.

Not really sure… but i’m interested to see what will happen!

I would like a limit. But also what stats do they have to say alcohol has a problem?

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I’d say a limit, both in the airport and on the plane, would be the best idea.

There’s nothing wrong with letting passengers drink a little, but a lot is definitely not good…

Ah yes delete things when things get naughty. Alcohol affecting behavior is nothing new. Welcome to the real world, FAA!


For passengers who enjoy an inflight tipple on their flight, they’ll have to wait a little longer to buy a drink on American Airlines. Following its ban of inflight alcohol sales back in June, the airline has today revealed that it will extend this ban until January 2022, in line with the new date for the federal mask mandate lifting.

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