Favourite airport?

Hello people!

What is your favourite airport and why?

My favourite airport is Liverpool John Lennon because it is a small nice airport with a good spotting area. Further more you get to walk up and from the aircraft when arriving or departing so no jet bridges. And easyjet operates from there.

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What about you?


Singapore Changi Airport is the way to go.

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Best: San Antonio International Airport/KSAT
Why? It is my favorite airport because it is my home airport and also it is being redesigned to have more gates.

DCA or IAD is a hard one… IAD

AUS, HKG, LAX, DOH, DXB and HND are the best airports I’ve ever been to. If I had to choose one though, it’d probably be Doha.

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KSEA because of Mt Rainer when coming in.

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Changi Airport is a no brainer, Incheon and Narita airport are also incredible places to be. Obviously my backyard, also known as Kuala Lumpur International Airport is a pretty nice place to be as well.

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Local: Gatwick EGKK

Overall: Vancouver CYVR

Reasons I’ll add on later.

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KDFW all the way!

Dallas is one of my favorites. It would be my favorite if Qantas was still flying the A380 from YSSY-KDFW.


Salt Lake City somewhat International Airport. The new one looks incredible and I can’t wait to get the chance to fly out of there.

I already know that it will be bermudas new terminal once it opens, but for over ten years it’ been KBOS. Specifically Jetblue’s terminal 3

Cathay’s lounge at YVR is pretty neat I must say.

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San Francisco International for the best airport in San Francisco Bay Area, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport because it’s terminal is neat, Hong Kong International Airport because the approach my aircraft take is so awesome

Heavily biased, but my home airport (KICT). New terminal is great, security is efficient, and there’s a chick-fil-a and a dunking donuts, what more could you want?

Oh also its very clean and has plenty of seating with outlets everywhere

First time I’ve heard that about an airport in America, but I digress.


4 security lines for an airport with 11 gates :+1:


15 minutes tops at peak departure times


I’m a simple man it goes: LHR, LGW and then LTN :v:

And world wide it’s gotta be SIN (your welcome @TheAviationGallery :wink:)