Finnair and Finnish ATC Join Forces To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Finnair announced yesterday that it is joining forces with Finland’s air navigation service provider, Fintraffic ANS, to lower carbon emissions. The airline is looking to make its country’s airspace the most environmentally friendly in the world with this move.

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Ayyy Greta would be proud! Whats all your thoughts on Climate Change a big aviation issue or something not to worry about… At least for me I am very conscious of it as an issue but hopefully with aircraft in the future being more neutral it might help battle the issue… Gonna definitely be a journey though!

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It does not account for much of the pollution but yeah it is a problem. Hope to see things move forwards as long as it isn’t an electric aircraft don’t get me started on that :sweat_smile:

What’s wrong with electric aircraft lol… guess if the aircraft are struck by lightning they are doomed aha!

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