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First A321LR For German Air Force Rolls Out

The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) has unveiled the first of two A321LRs destined for troop transport and medical evacuation. The two aircraft were ordered by Lufthansa Technik last year, on behalf of the Luftwaffe, and will be delivered to the Air Force in 2022.

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@Rolls out

Haha funi

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It is isn’t it. :joy::upside_down_face:

I’m very happy that they are going with the A321LR. Modern, comfortable and with a long range (as suggested by ‘LR’ lol) its the perfect aircraft to fly to governmenty stuff with.

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If only they actually built aircraft themselves they’d have something a lot better than your regular A321

I wouldn’t make such a bold statement…

Tbh German engineering is very good. Although they wouldn’t bother doing their own thing imo.

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Or was, (even after those German scientists and engineers during WW2), like that VTOL thing for example, designed in the 50s/60s

It’s still better than British Engineering. For example here electrical sockets and look like they haven’t advanced since the advent of electricity.

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