First Air France Airbus A220 To Be Delivered In September 2021

Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the airline industry, Air France is pushing forward with the integration of its Airbus A220 order into its fleet. It has recently emerged that the French carrier will be sticking to its original timescales, receiving the first example this autumn. Specifically, the first Pratt & Whitney-powered aircraft will arrive in September.

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The A220 is a very successful aircraft despite the current Pandemic. I would love to see the AF livery and interior as well. Congratulations to them!

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Same I’d like to see it in air :fr: livery. Can’t wait for it to be delivered. I like how the A220 looks from the outside.

Yes, the outside look is just bae. It looks like the child of the A350.

Never heard of that description before but I get where you are coming from :joy:

I am coming from Fiji sir :relieved: