Flight Along Southern California Coast

When I came back home to CA from uni, I resumed flight training with a school that I did not care for. the flight school overcharged me and I ran into some other problems. I was basically trying to find a reason to leave . The only reason I did not leave was I had two amazing instructors that are at my current flight school, well until now. My current Instructor is moving to another flight school cause he does not like the management. So I want to go there but here is a problem. I have done almost all of my training in a Cessna and this school only have pipers . So I decided to come to this flight school to do a discovery flight in a Piper. The flight school is really nice and I do like piper but it is really different from a cessna so here are some pictures from the discovery flight I did in the piper.

Here are some of my photos of the flight!

Downtown Newport Beach just after takeoff .

Newport beach coast and you can see Balboa Island

Bolsa Chica Wetlands, this is a nice place where you can take, very long, walks

these last two photos are Downtown from where I live and this is where I grew up and would always come down here to enjoy the beach on hot summer days or also to get lunch with family or friends

I will eventually come to this flight school hopefully in a couple months when I finish my instrument rating.


Awesome shots, I recognize the area too! You should fly down to San Diego and take Mr @Rolls for a ride!

Don’t cross into that LAX bravo :crazy_face:


well I will go on an IFR flight plan and can cross with no problem lol

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Shame some flight schools are a bit bad. Looks like you had a nice time up there though.


Yea unforgettable that’s the way it is sometimes


Stupid me read this out loud like you typed it. Anyways cool pics!

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I was trying to emphasize that the walks can get to be very long.