Flight Sim Tags

We had these on the old GACs and the AFC before that, it would be nice to see sim tags like FS2020, FSX, P3D, X-Plane (10 or 11), Infinite Flight, Aerofly, etc.

For #screenshots-videos, #flight-simulation:events, #flight-simulation

Definitely something I’m interested in. I’ll consult with other staff members before making a final decision. Any comments, questions, concerns? Pop them down below. :point_down:


Hello Baseball

We do have all these tags as you can see below. Do you mean you want the tags to be assigned to those categories?

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Then yes, assigned to those categories

Try now. Hopefully they should be assigned to those categories.

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The #flight-simulation:atc #flight-simulation:third-party and #fictional-world should have them too

Done that :+1:

Showing up on my end. Anyone having any issues seeing them?

Yup same here, baseball are you able to see it ?

Not #fictional-world

I don’t think tags such as #Infinite-Flight need to be used in that category. There are already #Airline-Empires and #Airlines-Manager tags which should suffice.