Flight Simulator Badges

There is a thread here on the GAC where you can request a badge to represent your favorite airplane manufacturer. Some request “Team Boeing,” or “Team Airbus.” A small percentage of people even want “Team Embraer,” cough cough @PlanesAndGames. I was thinking that we could have a similar page where people could snag badges showing their favorite flight simulator. You might want “Team MFS” or “Team Infinite Flight.” What do you think? Vote if you want to see this in the GAC!

I think this also helps with showing which simulator you represent which is important when it comes to a community with such a diverse background. I like it.

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lol I have Team Boeing, but I wish I could have them both!


I think this is something we could implement! We’ll look into it.


We can certainly implement those badges! I also just played around with a custom user field to allow you to select your simulator and display on profile. Would you still prefer badges too?


This will keep me busy. Thanks for the suggestion. You can tell it will be implemented because I voted :joy:


Yesss I like this

Coming soon


Soon™? Our lovely users wouldn’t like that.


Yay! Can’t wait to get my Team Aerofly badge!

Shocking, considering that you are BRUHzilian.

Don’t worry. They are being created today.

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Hello folks,

The badges have been created and you can go and ask for them here!

Thankyou all for voting and creating this #meta:features request. So you can vote for more amazing things I’ll close this topic to give your votes back.


Some badges missing. Post below to suggest.

One is carrier landing hd, the other being flight pilot simulator

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Perfect! I knew you would know :slight_smile:

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I don’t forget stuff lol,

you’re my favorite mod of all time in this forum

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I like to have FlightGear and DCS badge removed because I don’t play them anymore.

Closed to return votes since missing sims have been added.

@Maverick I’ll remove them now.

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