Fokker 50 at EIDL

Hello AWW!

My first spotting session in 2 years and with the weather against me, I headed to Donegal Airport, the most scenic I the world, tocatch this rare Fokker 50 landing in some heavy rain.

Some Notes

Aircraft: Fokker 50
Airport: EIDL

The F50 coming in for Runway 03.


Short backtaxi.

Lining up on the runway.

Rolling down the 4000ft long runway at EIDL!

Off to Dublin!

I hope you enjoyed my first spotting topic here on AWW.

All photos are my own. Please do not use any without asking for permission first.

Also, sorry for the Samsung phone quality hehe.


That F50 sure looks great! Also do you know what airline it belongs to?

I got the history coming right up!

Used to fly with VLM, then Air Antwerp. Now flies with a Swedish airline called Amapola Flyg.

It flew with 8ther airlines too but that’s the basis.


Beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Wow! That’s quite a variety. Can’t wait for the history.

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To go further, she also flew with Lufthansa City Line and City jet, along with a few other unknown airlines.

Of course it’s flyg

Awesome! I love all the greenery!

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I believe I drove through Donegal when I was in Ireland. Super pretty!


It is the best county, though I’m biased hehe.