Forgotten 2

This movie has been ready since early December, but I kinda forgot about it lmao

Just as the previous one, this one features another host of liveries most people didn’t know were in Infinite Flight (in addition to the 2 warbirds which I see flying once in never)!

Without further ado, enjoy!
Also, post how many of them you knew were in IF!

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I had no idea that the MyAir was a livery on IF lol

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I mean it is a real airline

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Fantastic movie! Well put together and thanks for sharing this. I totally forgot about some of these! SAS Retro is :fire::heart_eyes:.

Reminds me of Christmas lol.


Green and red is Christmassy.


I prefer classic aviation for a reason :wink:

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Of course, the Air Austral A380 that no one flies because it never existed in real life.


I think they could remove some of those completely unused liveries and add some liveries users want instead of their reply we don’t have storage or something.


Have you ever seen anyone use this until PlanesandGames used it?


Good work!

I could tell which were IF by the ugly scenery :woozy_face:

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