Former Pilot Sues Airline For Emotional Distress After Mechanical Failure Led To PTSD

Here’s my thought, yes PTSD is a thing, but saying the airline failed to maintain the plane is a load of crap. The airline of course maintained the plane and inspect according to Boeing and local regulations, since the airline was a major airline. But, it can never be 100% guaranteed that an engine won’t fail, besides pilots train for this, you train for stuff to go wrong knowing that even though the plane is maintained, stuff still can go wrong. Suing an airline because an engine failed is, IMHO really bad form, especially since it was only one engine, the plane landed safely and everyone survived. Once again, PTSD is a thing and shouldn’t be ignored, but suing the airline here is really bad form and just being a jerk.


First off sorry about system. I’ve removed the word from the list.

I agree that suing them for this is silly as you said an engine can fail at any time plus they are trained. If procedure stresses you out then that’s your fault not the airlines.


Don’t worry about it, and exactly, like sure you’re not expecting it, yes there will most likely be some stress, fly the darn plane, get the engine secured, then get on the ground. You practice this procedure in the sims often, it should be easy.


That’s ridiculous. I can go on a long rant but I’m too tired


please, come rant tomorrow when you’re not so tired :slight_smile:

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