Forum Suspension Table

Forum Suspension Table

As we strive to make the Aviators Worldwide Community a safe and welcoming place for everyone, we have implemented the following rules. The moderation team will follow through with action stated on the below table in the event these are broken. This table outlines main misconduct, however please refer to our FAQ for further details.

This suspension table applies to all members of the community, this also includes staff and moderators.

If you have any concerns or suspicions on any member, please do not hesitate to send a message to the safeguarding team.

Additional Notes:

  1. In the event issues overlap from the table above, moderators may give the total sum of penalties or at their discretion based on what’s occurred.

  2. We operate this forum “Aviators Worldwide Community” and are allowed to set the bar of what is/isn’t acceptable in public topics or direct messages. When you sign up for an account on the community, you agree to our ToS.

  3. This above suspension table applies to both public topics and direct messages*

  4. Staff reserve the right to alter punishments and suspension time at their own discretion if deemed fit, with or without prior notice.

*Community Management has the ability to view user messages should we believe a breach of these rules. We will not check these unless a post is flagged or needs investigation. Moderators can only view user messages when flagged.

In the event of misconduct 6, moderators have the right to amend profiles / biography at their discretion without notifying you at anytime. You are however free to link things such as sites, links to your social media, projects, communities, and other relevant topics in your profile / biography. Using this forum for mass promotion will not be tolerated though.


:warning: Important!

Please refer to the new table linked below