France's Domestic Flight Ban Will Start Next Month

A year after the country's Parliament backed the abolishing of domestic flights on routes that can be covered by train in two and a half hours or less, the ban is set to come into force next month. Officially, it includes popular services such as the ones from Paris to Lyon and Bordeaux. However, it only applies to local traffic and not services that connect to international flights, which makes its actual implementation something of a patchwork.

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This is such bs. Unfortunate there hasn’t been a protest yet

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I mean, it makes sense TBH, France already has a strong domestic rail network, and it’s only for direct itineraries connections are still allowed.


They do have a good rail network. @oklahomaaviation you can confirm for me again when you go on holiday there soon :smile:

I mean it isn’t a bad idea. In my opinion these flights are sort of unneeded.

Haha yeah we’ll see about that. Don’t plan on riding a train anytime soon :joy:

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