Guess the Airline or Company Logo

No… Not even close…

It’s in Asia tho

If it was in the Middle East I would’ve said it was in the Middle East.

It is in Asia tho

So what? Part of Russia is in Asia too, although I wouldn’t say Asia if it was from Russia.

Fuji Dream Airlines?

So I’m assuming the airline is russian?

Jesus, reread what I said…


I really wonder what that is. I’m going to take a wild guess and say Orange Air.

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its not Orange air

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So it’s European, I’m assuming

Yes its European (:

It’s been 4 days. I know the answer! :raising_hand_man:

easyJet :wink:

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That is absolutely correct :tada:

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With that color scheme I’d guess it’s from Africa

European air charter?

I was thinking that too

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It is not from Africa nor Europe.

Hint: It’s a previous logo not being used anymore. This airline is in Infinite Flight.

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