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Guess The Airport

This is a pretty self explanatory game. Someone posts a picture of an airport and others try to guess what airport it is through a series of questions. The user who correctly identifies said airport posts the next picture. A user can post the next airport if it has been more than 10hrs since the last guess on the previous airport.

Yes, this is a commercial airport.

Hint: It’s near the 75th parallel


75th parallel east west north or south.

South of the 75th.

FYI, the 75th parallel refers to 75° latitude, so something can only be north or south of it. (Sorry for the geography lesson.)

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Is it in Canadia?

Yes. :canada:

East or west of the Mississippi?

Yes. west. (i think)

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Is there an icon for the airport on FR24?

Yes, but the image I posted is not the icon.

You naughty naughty, you tease me

You twisted the airport. Resolute bay. The runway is north-south

Yessir. (I didn’t twist the image though, it’s just a screen shot from Google Earth.) Your go @baseball_inferno.

Hint: it’s a military airport in US

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@Maverick Mountain home AFB?

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Nope it’s not

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Any clues…?

Yeah, we need more clues. It’s too hard :joy:

:joy:, I tried ways to find out but I gave up oof.

Plus USA is a big country with thousands of Military bases

Been a while - Adrian you want to do a new one or should I pick an airport?

You do it sir, it’s your home. Lol