Heading to Newark

Here are some photos from my recent flight in the Boeing 757. This was the latest aircraft to be reworked in the Infinite Flight fleet. Today I flew from Edinburgh, Scotland to Newark, New Jersey.

Enjoy the photos with a slight filter.

Livery & Aircraft: United Airlines, Boeing 757-200

Route: EGPH - KEWR

Server: Expert

Flight Time: 7hrs 4mins

Rotating out of Edinburgh, Scotland

On the climb with the Queensferry Crossing and the Forth Road Bridge in the background

Overhead Glasgow as we make our way towards our oceanic entry point. Can you spot the football stadiums? :wink:

Leaving Scotland

Boeing 787 passes underneath somewhere over the Atlantic with 3,000ft separation

Made it across the pond and passing near Newfoundland and Labrador

Descending into Newark

Turning for final

Arrived at Newark