How Air New Zealand Will Become A Leader In Electric Aircraft

Air New Zealand continues to actively pursue opportunities around electric aircraft as an option for shorter domestic and regional flights. The CEO of the Auckland-based airline has confirmed plans to have electric aircraft in its fleet by 2030 as it pursues an electric aircraft global leadership role.

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Pretty interesting! I never really considered the technology regarding the long haul and how most of these “solutions” would not really work. What do you guys think about this and the effect it will have on what they are trying to do and as they mentioned airline prices… ?

Ok cool but I still want to feel a big amount of thrust when taking off and hear a lot of noise. No crummy cheap stuff please

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Exactly. I like aircraft that do noise!! Combustion is better

Jeremy Clarkson's Biggest Mishaps | Clarkson's Farm | Prime Video - YouTube As you can see in the video.

Yeah, and they’re too over their heads about the environment and all. Keep your opinions out of aviation please :man_facepalming:t2: