How do you design an Airfield?

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I watched this video by the Wall Street Journal yesterday and found it very interesting, thought I’d share it with you all. How Do You Design an Airfield? An Airport Planner Explains | WSJ - YouTube

It goes in-depth about how expansion and modernization projects work and how they design them. Also touching on the limiting factors of implementing these changes, KORD (Chicago O’hare was a prime example). They are designed as such to achieve maximum efficiency of on-time arrivals and departures but that is not always the case that’s why these changes happen. The wind and temperature are one of the most important factors when determining how to design an airfield.

The video is about 7 minutes if you have time I definitely recommend watching it. (Nothing too special but interesting.

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Fascinating video. Get a flat field slap some tArmAC on it

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Been meaning to watch this for a while now actually but haven’t had the time. Good to hear that it’s worth my time!

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