How San Francisco Is Cutting Ground Noise With Enhanced GPS

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has been given FAA approval to use new landing technology, known as Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS). The technology corrects inherent errors in GPS accuracy allowing aircraft fitted with compatible systems to land with greater precision.

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Seems like a good advancement to make, however, I don’t live near any airports so I wouldn’t really notice. Does anyone live pretty close to an airport and have an issue like this? Or does your airport have something like this in place?

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“GBAS system can simultaneously provide up to 48 separate approaches covering all runway ends, giving ATC more flexibility during different operating conditions”

This sounds quite good actually! It seems to aim to help many people!

I live under the flight path of my home airport so I hear planes overhead but you really can’t hear them on the ground unless you’re like right at the gate. I don’t see a real need for this

Just…why? To be honest it doesn’t surprise me to see San Fransisco doing something stupid like this (no offense leo :rofl:) . Especially since they mostly ues 28L/28R, which is over water. I don’t think this is to big of a problem. I live right a main approach path for Northwest Arkansas National (KXNA), which sees around fifty flights a day, including Boeing 717s, Airbus A220s, and Embraer E195s. I also live under the final approach path for a municipal airfield (KVBT), which is very busy and sees dozens of flights a day (mostly from C172s, which are surprisingly noisy). Noise is not an issue, the only reason I notice it is because I listen for it. I think all the hype around aircraft noise is unnecessary.


What I’m saying is they’re not small planes lol

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