How The Removal Of One Gate Is Emblematic Of US Airport Transformations

In the United States, there is one gate that chills travelers to the bone. Both frequent and infrequent flyers recognize the iconic gate, and few enjoy the experience out of them. This is the notorious gate 35X at Washington-National, and it may soon be obsolete by April 20th. The removal of just this one gate shows how much US airports will transform over the next decade.

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I have been through 35X at DCA IRL and I have to say it wasn’t that bad, other than a bit of the cold. That being said it was because of a bit of late crew that I had to wait on the bus, but it was pretty ok. I know that the hatred is mostly from non-avgeeks, but still. However, as someone who trys to go through DCA a lot, I look forward to experiencing the complete new concourse from the completion of Project Journey. From the concept art I’ve seen it looks amazing, and it seems a lot of progress is being made.

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Thanks for telling us your experience so we get both sides so the story! I don’t think it’s as bad as some people make it out to be.

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Gate 35X is being replaced by an entire new terminal and apron. Gate 35 still exists. Also it’s just a walk downstairs to the bus area

Reminds me of all the gates at Liverpool Airport. Its windy there and it’s just a bridge with stairs at the bottom and it’s windy.

Gate 35 is a jet bridge, gate 35X are all the buses, 35X is disappearing, the jet bridge Gate 35 is not. (Clearly you haven’t been to DCA, or at least Terminal C)

No I was saying that there was a difference between 35 and 35X.

This is really cool! Whoever’s idea it was to add this rwa aviation bot great job!!! Great for us fellow curious george’s who are drawn in!! :crown: :ok_hand: