I got a question

With the new discourse feature, how can I be able to view all the replies that I posted in a specific topic

Not sure what specific update you are mentioning. But you can change your topic status from tracking to watching which will send you all notifications. You can find this in the bottom left hand corner below topic controls.

I’m pretty sure I made a lot of posts just in this topic like even after my #1490 post, I still continue to made posts in the topic

Which new feature?

This shows all your replies in a topic


Pretty sure there’s used to be a way where if I enable the search in this topic option and I press the enter key on the keyboard, something like this should pop up but I’m not sure how to fix it now

@Maverick I understand the problem now. Yeah that is really annoying. As you said previously you just search your username and your replies would appear in that topic. I think you will just have to use the filter feature on your user card

My user card, you mean the profile?

To find your replies in a topic you will have to use the filter feature.

This is your user card.

Or search this

It’s what I did, I use what’s shown in the second photo but I can’t view all of the posts I made in there