IATA Sets An Industry Wide 2050 Net-Zero Goal – Why It Matters

Many airlines have already committed to net-zero emissions by 2050. Following IATA’s annual meeting on Monday, there is now an industry-wide resolution to strive for the same target. IATA can now fully lobby for governmental and regulatory support to help aviation decarbonize, a process that is predicted to cost about $2 trillion.

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With the IATA being a major organization when in comes to International Air Transportation, and basically all airlines being part of this organization. I say this has really good potential for actually happening.

We are going to need to drastically speed up tech research and development to meet that goal. Sure 2050 seems far away, but it will come much faster than one would think. Researchers are going to need to find a way to mass produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to meet the current Jet A price or lower ASAP. Not even going to start with electric plane and hydrogen powered plane.

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I’m down for this, will take a lotttt of money though