Icelandair Has A New Livery and It’s Coming Soon!

Hello AWW!

I though I’d share an article I found today about Icelandair’s new livery, set to be rolled out January 2022! I don’t like change and this is no exception. It looks like Ryanair a little too much for my liking. It seems like airlines are going downhill with new liveries, but let me know what you think of their new livery?


Picture can be found in article

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You’re pretty late but ok

It sucks and I’d rather have evo

Yes I may be late but its not posted here yet :crazy_face:

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I think it might’ve but ok

Am I the first to say this? Who on earth designed that?! :face_vomiting: Its rubbish.

I agree with you there. Airlines are creating super boring liveries so that it is cheaper etc

Ah Bri ish talk.

So basically they took Lufthansa’s livery, added their logo and a stripe on the tail. Wouldn’t be so horrible without the awful colors. Horribly generic compared to the northern lights livery.

Here’s the livery so y’all don’t have to look at the website lol


Very beautiful livery.