Iconic Simulations Development Tracking Thread

Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I felt I would create this topic for the tracking of the Iconic Simulations developments for MSFS2020.

Product 1

NZLX - Alexandra Aerodrome

Pictured above is the Central Otago Flying Club building at NZLX.

Please ignore the misspelling on the texture.

This is currently the only close to finished product within our range of in development items more things will come soon.


That is amazing

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What is the estimated price for these? Or are they free?

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Our first Product (NZLX) will be free!

We have yet to figure out pricing model for future airports it may be dependent on team size and what not.

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Thank you so much there’s a lot of hard work going into the products :slight_smile:

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Looking good

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Thanks mate!

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When is the first item due for release

No set date yet, but we are working none the less the team is looking for a SDK specialist at the moment.

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This looks fantastic; keep us updated looks like a great project! :heart_eyes:

We have a few things in the works other then just this. :wink:

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Great news and I hope you find one