Inaugural A220 Service

These are the first three A220s to have revenue service to any airport in the DC area!

The first was from Minneapolis, the second from Detroit, the third from New York JFK, kicking off inaugural Delta mainline from JFK as well! I’m happy to have been the only person to have spotted all A220s that have ever landed in the DC area, there was a sports charter at Dulles over the summer that I spotted as well!


beautiful photos as always, but the plane :face_vomiting:

Thought as much

Imagine editing quote

Btw baseball_inferno I like all the pictures :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Nice pictures, it’s the c-series, Airbus stole it and renamed it, it will always be the c-series no one can change my mind to me.

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well he likes the oldies more what do you expect