Infinite Flight 21.1 & 21.2 Update 3D Airports & Clouds | My Opinion

Hey everyone,

Thought I’d make this topic on the new Infinite Flight 21.2 update and share my thoughts around this new release and the ‘3D era’ since 21.1.

When I first started using Infinite Flight back in late 2015/early 2016, it was pretty limited and I wasn’t liking the lack of abilities such as region locked, old models, repeat texture of scenery, and no 3D buildings or clouds. I understand it’s a mobile simulator, however a lot of other simulators did achieve some of this over Infinite Flight at the time. Fast forward to 2021 and here we are with 3D buildings, clouds, global flight, diverse fleet of aircraft, and so much more!

American 757 landing at MHTG

Infinite Flight 21.2 was released on June 4th, 2021 and this was under 2 months from the original 21.1 release which is incredible. Quite amazed at the timeline from 21.1 to 21.2, however they must’ve been working on these airports for a while to get a closer release. The new airports as follows:

  • UUDD: Moscow Domodedovo Mikhail V. Lomonosov International
  • RKSI: Incheon International
  • CYOW: Ottawa MacDonald Cartier International
  • MHTG: Toncontin International
  • LGAV: Athens Eleftherios Venizelos
Full list since 21.1


























These are an additional 5 3D airports since the original 21 were released with Infinite Flight’s 21.1 update. This now brings the total number of 3D airports to 26. 3D is a big step in the right direction for Infinite Flight towards a more realistic flight simulator.

When I first found out 3D buildings and clouds were coming to Infinite Flight, I was definitely excited because this is something that I’d been waiting for and finally they are added. I remember sitting watching the Infinite Flight 2020 recap video and at the end the words “And here’s what we’ve been working on.” really got me. Everything definitely rushed through my head and it transitioned into them showing a preview of clouds and 3D buildings! I do remember shouting “YES YES YES” I was that excited for this new era of Infinite Flight. I thought it was PC simulation at first haha.

Korean Air A380 parked at RKSI

After this many more teasers started rolling in of airports around the world (mainly on their Twitch streams with AviatorDan). I was really gobsmacked and had no words. The 24th April then came and it was premiere day of Infinite Flight 21.1, with an Open Beta being released after. Really did not expect any of this until at least the end of 2021. I was a bit hesitant to participate in the Open Beta as I wasn’t sure how 3D buildings would affect my devices. I took a chance and downloaded the beta. I’m not one for just getting the beta for early access and was genuinely looking to help out with testing in a positive way. Of course there were issues present as expected with any beta.

I firstly spawned at London Heathrow (EGLL) to check out the new 3D buildings/cloudy skies and to say I was impressed is an understatement. I take my hat off to the developers for making this a reality! Really couldn’t believe that 3D buildings were running on my device within Infinite Flight. Didn’t think I would ever see this day at all. After this, I was ready for my first flight. I decided to do a basic route of Los Angeles (KLAX) - San Francisco (KSFO) with the added 10 years livery on the A350-900. The flight went smooth and I tried out the various settings for clouds. The broken clouds are still my favourite setting! I do wish that these reflected the real world weather conditions, however hopeful this will come in the future as it’s not realistic. This does certainly fulfil for V1 though.

Lufthansa A359 departing KLAX

Shortly after this, I decided to check out other airports. Really impressive views of the terminals, jet bridges, ground vehicles, hangers, cargo containers, tugs, and the other 3D objects at each airport with a much more immersive experience. I guess we were all so used to seeing just a flat airport before, however at least aircraft aren’t just the only 3D in the sim anymore.

One of my favourite 3D airports to visit is currently Edinburgh (EGPH). Edinburgh is in my home country of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 so is close to home and no secret. It may not be my exact home airport, however I’m happy to see at least this airport added with 3D so soon into the release. Edinburgh provides a range of destinations from hopping in Europe to flights across the pond. It also opens a gateway to other 3D airports in the sim.

easyJet A320 at EGPH

Favourite 3D Airports:
Edinburgh - EGPH
Sochi - URSS

Final Thoughts:

Infinite Flight have truly outdone themselves with adding 3D buildings and clouds to the simulator even though we’re 10 years on. Definitely a great step in the right direction for this mobile flight simulator and competition. I do wish the clouds reflected real world weather conditions more as it seems a little odd changing them manually (you can’t do that irl, right?) but hopefully they’ll improve as more iterations are released. Hopeful for improvements on other airports too as some airports terminals don’t look the same and some control towers are generic. Hopefully this is something that’ll happen in future updates, however for what they’ve done now it certainly satisfies more than enough. I also don’t like the fact it’s only airports with 3D buildings, surely some objects in major cities at least would be nice? If we can have buildings at airports then why not some surrounding too? No doubt Infinite Flight will keep pumping out these new airports so hopefully more will be covered soon. I really also hope there is a way for us to help with 3D airport development in the future, otherwise looks like it’s going to take some time until every single airport is covered which is an aim.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Infinite Flight 3D below!


Great writing and pictures :heart_eyes:



So personally I would have liked to see working ground and aircraft lights and clouds and trees and taxiway signs before buildings. I value these more than buildings.

Some buildings would be nice but it would be weird to just see a few and buildings and then a bunch of empty space…


Great writing! Love that Korean Air A380 pic :heart_eyes:


It’s honestly truly amazing to see how far Infinite flight has come over the years. I think what truly amazes me was how quickly they came out. Cause once I saw them in the 2020 summary video I thought it wasn’t coming this year let alone in may lol