Infinite Flight 22.5 is here!

Hello Fellow Aviators! It is time once again that Infinite Flight Came out with another Update! This update came out with many new 3D airports worldwide for you to enjoy! The Developers are still working hard to bring the E-175 and the F/A 18-E for the next update! More info is down below from Jasonimages-removebg-preview, A Developer and a Staff member from Infinite Flight!

Read the full article!

Enjoy the rest of your day/ night fellow aviators! :slight_smile:


I remember when we had one update a year. Personally thought it was better that way but glad JFK is finally 3D for all those who wanted it. :fire:


Yeah. It was so busy yesterday.

Nice. I’m personally looking forward to EWR being updated (currently being worked on) so then I can do EWR - SFO with 3D! Also the e175 of course.


I am especially excited about that one for sure! :smiley:

I’m a bit late haha, I’ve just read the article and it doesn’t seem like a bad update

I remember that lol.

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Super pumped they added OKC, but cmon man where are these Texas airports like DFW and IAH :joy: They also said when creating 3D airports, they try to be fair and give each region of the world “equal representation”, but meanwhile they only added like 3 or 4 or 5 US airports? Smh


I know, I want Dallas too, hopefully more US airports will come in 22.6!

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