Infinite Flight Announces Development of A220-300 Model

Infinite Flight announced Friday that they are amidst developing the Airbus A220-300 Model for their flight simulator. The addition of this aircraft has been long anticipated by users of Infinite Flight. IF released a couple blueprint images of the work in progress:

Official Airbus A220-300 Tracking Thread - Infinite Flight Community


Although Infinite Flight is not my primary simulator, I am excited to fly it! What are your thoughts on the A220? What features would you like to see added to this aircraft?


Thanks for the topic. I’m sure this topic will not bash IF decision at all :joy:

As I mentioned previously I don’t use IF so I don’t mind what they add. Although I think they should concentrate on reworking their older aircraft before introducing new ones. Either way nice addition to the fleet I guess.

I think it’s a nice plane and I can’t wait to see what they can do with it. London City gets 3D maybe? Who knows!


Lol, as a huge A220 fan, I will defend them!

Yeah, probably true.

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I’ll fly it for the sole reason of flying the Delta livery. If they even add it (cause they’re all about aDDiNg tHe sMAllEr liVeriEs”)

More people want the E175 and when they rework it I better see Alaska, America, United, and Delta liveries

It’s very nice :+1:

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Yea the A320 ain’t that bad, older ones for example

@Rolls @BonaireDude Fixed lol

I like the A220 as well.

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I hate the A220 pretty much, CS sounds so much better, and it would be a billion times better if it also had a yoke

I actually prefer stick. More leg room for the pilots.

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Yea but like who cares about that, if you had to choose that over actually being able to fly a plane comfortably, imagine flying with one without autopilot existing :skull:

I think having a spacious cockpit is a really good thing. For example would you work in a cramped space for x amount of hours a day?

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Nope, since they confirmed that they will be only doing the -300 variant and just the 100 is certified to fly into LCY…

@moderators if one of you could transfer the yoke debate in this thread to the topic I made in #debating I would appreciate that.

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You bet ya!

– All done :slight_smile:

Thanks, man!

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And that’s going to stop anyone?

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Here are some more WIP pictures for the A220. Looking good right? :slight_smile: