Infinite Flight releases the A220!

You can view some of the content here:


Flew it for the first time today and not impressed imo.
Plane looks cool but isn’t much once you get in game. Engines are the coolest part imo, but it doesn’t have real sounds so… my honest rating 4.1/10. I flew SEA - SFO btw.


Thanks for the topic @AviationChampion! :blush:

Leo is :angry: lol
The A220 does look nice though!

Well in my opinion I rather wait longer and have the full proper product be released. Also I was in support of the E-Jets rework a long time ago m lol


You’re welcome, I’m keeping track of updates for everyone.

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Yeah no they definitely put in half effort on this, not surprising

I don’t know what’s going on with the Infinite Flight developers. All I do know, is that they spend too much time on making 3D buildings and not enough time on providing priority to making high quality aircraft for our pilots and VA’s more liveried aircraft so we can stop using generics. And I also feel as if they don’t look at our feature requests at all, as multiple highly voted requests that were so simple to make might not ever be implemented. Not saying their bad at their job, I’m just saying they need to stop telling us to provide more quality than quantity if they can’t do it themselves it seems.

This post is highly opinionated.


And they always just add small 3D airports that nobody flies to :rofl::man_facepalming:t2:

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Yes, I’ve noticed. But yet they said we don’t get to make any 3D suggestions.

Yeah, weirdo bs in my opinion

Dang does anyone feel that Breeze? That’s what I like most about the A220 rn…:smirk:


I leam they did do a good job livery wise in my opinion.


I see what you did there.

Yes, it was the first one I tried out.

See, I pulled a sneaky on yah.

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