Infinite Flight trailer songs

Hi everyone!

I have seen a lot of people asking for what songs uses IF in their trailers, so I was investigating a bit and I found some of them, if you know another song of the list feel free to comment it to add it to the list :wink:

Video Song name Artist
19.4 First Look
B772 Door Annimation Preview
20.1 First look Muddy Boots Reaktor Productions
Beta Testing the B77F
Locked Camera Sneek Peek
20.2 First look Afrodite Emanuele Lomba
757 Door Animation Preview Salt in the wound Ender
2020 Recap Afrobeat Dj Jonny Boi

This is a tread I’ve been looking for for a while. If anyone knows what the old tutorial song is (as in I want to know… just curious.

This one here is can’t slow down by Reaktor production

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I was just searching it haha

Thank you so much!


Lol yeah :joy:

:pray: Finally! I couldn’t find it at all until now. :tada:

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It looks like Infinite Flight did a big edit to the song :sweat_smile:

But glad you can finally listen to it!

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It seems like it as it sounds very different on the recap video.

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I found the music used in the B772 door preview.

atleast i think it sounds like it?

B772 Door Animation Preview


Oof you got me there!

i actually rickrolled them

that made my day😂

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I didn’t click at first.