Infinite Flight Twitch Stream - Today at 1800Z

Infinite Flight will be LIVE on Twitch today at 1800Z. The stream will feature an exclusive look of the new 21.1 update and they are doing a mega giveaway worth over $800. Make sure to tune in guys!

Link to view:


Awesome! I hope that they stream it on YouTube as well because I can’t chat on Twitch and possibly win the giveaway.

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This is going to be awesome!!

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I can’t see anything on it.

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Weird. Have you refreshed the page?

If not it might be your internet connection. Mine is a little laggy too.

Several times.

Possibly. I have 1 bar.

Could be that.

Now I have 4 and it’s not working.

Might be best to ask on IFC.

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I would but I hit my stupid time limit on IFC.

@Ondrej Could you do it?

How did we find that then? Are we all super excited :sunglasses:

@PlanesAndGames :eyes:


@PlanesAndGames already knows I think.


Hope you all enjoyed :tada: