Inside The Aviate Program: How United Is Securing Future Pilots

United Airlines has an enormous need for pilots over the next ten years and beyond. Between retirements and fleet expansion, the airline has a mammoth task ahead of it to fill its pilot ranks and keep the airline flying smoothly. One of the ways United has been working to ensure it maintains a strong pipeline of pilots for the future is through its Aviate Program, which offers one of the most direct ways for aspiring pilots to enter the pipeline and get a job with the airline.

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Pretty interesting, definitely seems like a path to take if you want to go to a specific airline. I believe a few other airlines do this as well. @texasaviation you should do it!

I plan on doing it :wink:

Good luck UNITED!

I think it is really good that they are doing this. I assume that financing the training etc will worry a lot of people before even starting.

United Airlines’ Aviate Academy will reach a new milestone on December 6th. The carrier’s inaugural class of 30 students enrolled in the Aviate Academy will begin instruction on December 6th in Arizona. The first class is part of the airline’s push to fill its pilot ranks to help cushion the blow of the potential shortage of pilots over the next decade and give more people pathways into the aviation industry who do not come in with traditional backgrounds.

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